The first, and most obvious creation is this webpage. The widget I 'invented' is the header of this page (and every page on my half of the site). It uses javascript (click here for source code) to create the header based on the page name I pass to it in the header. View the source of this page to see what I'm talking about. I also either designed or co-designed most of this site. My wife Valarie helped with the ideas and layout, and I wrote the HTML, CSS and javascript.

I am also the webmaster and designer of the http://www.nywgcadets.org/ webpage. I've maintained that site now for roughly 3 years.


One of the things I play around with in my spare time is video editing. I have a few examples:


While I've documented plenty when at work, I can't publicly distribute that material. What I can show you, however, is the documentation that I've done for the Civil Air Patrol. These documents are used across the US, as the de-facto standard for the organization.

Electronica DJ

I've DJ'ed for WRUR and WITR on and off over the last 6 or so years. They are the college radio stations for University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology, respectively. The theme is always constant: a electronica variety show. I play(ed) trance, goa, electro, house, jungle, jazz, downtempo and techno on the show.